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We are a bike rental and tours shop in Barcelona. Our goal is to provide excellent service offering quality bicycles, alternative routes and tours focused in a friendly and close client service, offering advice and personalized information on how to make the most out your Barcelona experience.

hola BIKE is more than just a bike shop, we provide the key to Barcelona and its many hidden treasures.

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With over 180km of bike lanes in the city of Barcelona,
it is easier than ever to get around in a safe, healthy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

We at holaBIKE have the advantage of being able to give customers a personalized experience.
Unlike other bike rental services, holaBIKE provides extra services. As we know how it can be difficult to run up the streets of barcelona after an exhausting biking day, we provide a flat tire service. For 2,50€, if you have a flat tire, you just have to call us and we send you a taxi which is going to change your bike at your position.